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Q.: Does LINFA encourage the participation of scientific teams, individual researchers or both?
A.: Any form of participation is strongly encouraged, with the hope to undertake the widest possible research focused on the topic "pharmacological treatment of metastases: possibilities of success by non cytotoxic ruthenium-based drugs".

Q.: Will LINFA provide any economic means to support people taking part in an investigation carried on within its structures (e.g. bread and board, accommodation and such)?
A.: LINFA has no resources allocated as yet for such activity. However providing also funds for that purpose is in the future aims of Fondazione Callerio Onlus.

Q.: For discoveries following to common research plans, does LINFA participate in the intellectual rights?
Should such works lead to any marketable results, would LINFA claim a share of the resulting benefits?

A.: LINFA will propose to fill-in appropriate secrecy agreements before any research is undertaken, in order to protect any patentable right. The contents of such agreements shall define, in details, the ownership and share benefits deriving from possible interesting developments.

Q.: Does LINFA require an official endorsement by the project leader or the University of a participant?
A.: Although it might sound too bureaucratic, it is desirable to make a bit of paperwork in order to warrant any part of the trans-laboratory and trans-national co-operation.

Q.: Will LINFA support my application for a grant to sustain my research?
A.: LINFA will provide his behalf to anybody who might need it for grant application or for any other action related to studies on metastasis and metal complexes.

Q.: Would LINFA consider a joint research meant to be started from scratch together?
A.: Not necessarily, although it is desirable to undertake some shared work. However, LINFA will give opportunities to discuss during short workshops with all participants on a regular basis, taking advantage of the many international congresses available each year.

Q.: I am a post-doc medical student in Kenia and, quite naturally, I am black. Would that be a problem for a co-operation?
A.: Hope you are kidding. Anyway the sole explicit requirements for a co-operation wit us are that you are a decent person, a honest researcher, and that you speak some common language (such as English). Your physical appearance is none of our business (unless you are extremely charming).

Q.: Where do I start in order to establish whether LINFA and I can usefully pursue a common target?
A.: E-mail us, or call us at ++39 040 56 99 33/4, or write us at LINFA c/o Fondazione Callerio - via A. Fleming, 31 - 34127 TRIESTE - ITALY. E-mail goes quicker. Whatever the way you choose, please don't forget your return coordinates.