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NEWS - Barcelona - Spain, September 9th - 10th, 2013

COST Action CM1105
1st Symposium on Functional Metal Complexes that bind to Biomolecules


The “1st Symposium on Functional Metal Complexes that bind to Biomolecules” was held in Barcelona on September 9 -10th with the aim to gather the participants of the COST Action CM1105, and to share the main achievements of the first year of activity.

The first day was devoted to the Whole Action Meeting (WHAM) and two members from each of the Working Groups (WGs) of the CM1105 presented their scientific contributions.
This gave a general overview of the main “hot topics” and achievements spanning from emerging targets, both at protein and nucleic acid level, to metallo-drugs for targeting and delivery or designed as prodrugs with novel activation strategies, and considering their interactions at the cellular level.
The general discussion involving all the participants to the Symposium permitted to evaluate the progresses of the CM1105 Action, and to put the bases for the work of the next years.

The Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that participated and completed a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) during the first past year gave their presentations during a session of the WHAM especially dedicated to them, demonstrating the attention that this Action has for the formation of a group of young researchers, which will constitute the future in the field of metallo-drugs in Europe.

During the second day of the conference the WGs had their proper meetings to discuss at a more specific level the work done, the organisation of the studies planned for the future and the strategies to implement the objectives of the WGs within the COST Action.
The meeting of WG1 started with a brief report on the WG1 status (participants, ongoing and planned collaborations, published papers, patents, STSMs completed or planned…).
Then, ample space was given to the work of the single laboratories giving priority where possible to presentations by ESRs.

In addition, we hosted an external researcher, dr. Sylvestre Bonnet, from the Leiden University, who deals with the coordination of ruthenium complexes to sulphur ligands.
The WG1 meeting ended with a general discussion on the main strengths and weakness of our group and on the future strategies and perspectives to improve our activities.
One of the ideas born during the discussion is the set up of a forum especially dedicated to ESRs of CM1105, where they can share information, literature papers, find application for positions and so on.
You can find more details on this initiative in this News” window.

During the second day a joint poster session, together with all the WGs has also taken place, allowing again the exchange among participants at a more general level.

More than 100 researchers coming from many European countries attended the conference, but not only.
In fact, among the COST Action CM1105 participants there are also researchers coming from non-EU countries.
One of them, from the Auckland University New Zealand, is member of our WG, and this time was able to attend the Symposium.

The wide participation, the varied competences and expertise, and experiences of the people attending the meeting guaranteed a challenging and exciting scientific result and the success of this initiative.


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