Callerio Foundation
NEWS - Olomouc - Czech Republic, May 29th - 31th, 2014

Metallodrugs III: from DNA interactions to chemotherapy of cancer


For the second year the researchers of Callerio Foundation were invited to contribute to a meeting on metallo-drugs organised by the Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Science of the Palacky University of Olomouc.
The event was the third of a series started in 2012, of which the main aim is to gather scientists from all over the world engaged in metallo-drug studies and to share the breakthrough news emerging from this field particularly lively in Europe.

The main topics dealt by the conference comprised the targeting and delivery of metal-based drugs, also by using strategies aimedat improving their selectivity, such as the activation by light for Photodynamic therapy applications; the chemical and biological characterization of platinum(IV) compounds with high cytotoxic potential; the insights into protein interactions of cisplatin, a drug clinically used since the ’70s that has not yet fully disclosed itself; the set up of new tools to study and screen metal-based compounds active against solid tumour metastasis; the new perspectives in the treatment of these latter on the basis of the advancements of biology and genomics in this field (metastatic niche, cancer stem cells, microRNAs…); the potentialities of metallo-drugs also for applications different from cancer therapy such as their use as anti-viral agents.
Early and consolidated researchers coming from different EU countries as well as from China and USA and representing the world metallo-drug researcher community, gave to the conference a high scientific content and value raising wide discussions and exchange of ideas among the participants.

Besides the science, the researchers have had the chance to share nice convivial moments like the social dinner, or in front of a glass of the excellent Czech bier, and to experience the Olomouc historical and cultural features thanks to a guided tour of the Oldtown kindly offered by the organisers to all the participants.


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