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NEWS - Turin - Italy, October 23th - 26th, 2013

36° National Meeting of the Italian Society of Pharmacology

The 36° National Meeting of the Italian Society of Pharmacology was set in Turin within 23 th -26th October.
The scientific program was very busy and challenging, focused on all the branches of Pharmacology (neuropharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology, inflammation, anti-oncological treatments, cardiovascular treatments, etc.) giving particular attention to the clinical approach.

Promising therapies recently developed were also discussed:
  • the role of small molecules as targeted therapies;
  • new approaches for administering monoclonal antibodies;
  • pharmacogenomics and gene therapy: personalized medicine and biomarkers;
  • stem cells therapy.
In the field of cancer treatment the research is focused on investigating target-specific strategies, as those related to the G-proteins coupled receptor kinases (GRKs) in different tumour models as breast cancer, or those focused on tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of thyroid cancer.
Moreover, the gold standard of preclinical and clinical research is now the identification of bio-markers to monitor and discover effective therapeutic strategies.
Many important social topics related to human health were debated such as the adherence to therapy to the control of chronic diseases, and to obtain a therapeutic response to treatments, the translational medicine as a key component to transform basic research to benefits for patients, and the ethical and scientific aspects of the use of animals in research considering the recent social attention to this subject.

Finally great attention was given to the gender medicine concept, as a key factor to increase the appropriateness and sustainability of clinical interventions, and a great opportunity to optimize resources in a time of financial crisis. Most of the participants were young researchers (PhD students and Post-Docs) that presented their work; as well as many important Professors took part to the meeting with magistral lectures and session chairing. The last day a dedicated session was organized for young researchers rewarding the best oral presentations and posters.

Researchers of the Callerio Foundation have attended the meeting and contributed to the scientific sessions with an oral presentation given by dr. Chiara Pelillo focussed on “Targeting integrins with anti-metastatic drug candidates and control of colon cancer dissemination”, and with a poster presented by dr. Alberta Bergamo entitled “Phototoxic antitumour propertis of rhenium porphyrin conjugates”.

This conference has been a challenging meeting point to have an overview on how is going on the pharmacological scientific research on all the aspects of human health, underlining the link between the academic research and clinical research, and to discuss the way to optimize resources for public health avoiding useless efforts.


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