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NEWS - Trieste - Italy, March 5th, 2014

The new scientific Vice-Director of the Callerio Foundation

From left to right. Back row: Chiara Pelillo, Paolo Durigotto, Sara Capolla, Jurai Zajac, Paolo Macor, Michele Zabucchi, Gianni Sava, Moreno Cocchietto, Luca Demaso. Front row: Federico Colombo, Aberta Bergamo, Domenico Musiello, Hilaria Mollica.

Today, the Callerio Foundation Onlus has presented the new scientific Vice-Director dr. Paolo Macor, recently nominated by the Administrative Council.
The Vice-Director will join the Director prof. Gianni Sava in the management of the research strategies and activities of the next 5 years.
Paolo Macor is a researcher with a significant background and with significant international expertise in immunology and pathology of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic B cell leukemia.
Dr. Macor presented the activities of his group at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste, highlighting the results obtained with monoclonal antibodies for direct therapy impact or as delivery systems for both therapy and diagnosis in medicine.

The team of Callerio Foundation presented the research activities ongoing with dr. Chiara Pelillo, post-doc researcher at Callerio Foundation, who presented her research programs including the study of a totally in vitro system to replace the use of animals in the preclinical pharmacological development of active principles and the study of the microRNAs responsible for the microenvironment directed development of liver metastases in the colorectal cancer with the aim of identifying new targets for highly specific and selective antimetastatic drugs.

Dr. Alberta Bergamo, researcher at Callerio Foundation, presented her programs aimed at the study of the mechanism of action of the antimetastatic ruthenium drug NAMI-A with a wide-spectrum transcriptome analysis and the collaborative study of active principles for the photo-dynamic-therapy of tumors.
Both studies are carried out in the frame of the COST CM1105 Action of which dr Bergamo is responsible for the WG1 dedicated to protein targets.

Dr. Moreno Cocchietto, researcher at Callerio Foundation, presented the research activities in the field of pharmaceutical technology with the description of the facility for drug delivery oral preparations, focussing on the different scales of production based on specific and dedicated apparati and highlighting the potentialities of the micro-delivery systems for a number of targets including food, medicines and veterinary applications.

Mr. Juraj Zajac, visiting PhD student at Callerio Foundation,coming from the University of Olomouc, Cech Repubblic, concluded the day with the presentation of his program to study the role of protein binding and of reduction with physiological reductants of NAMI-A in the anti-invasive and anti-metastatic properties of this ruthenium-based anticancer drug..


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