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The Callerio Foundation Onlus is a non profit organisation focused on bio-medical basic and pre-competitive research in the bio-medical fields of oncology, pharmacology and drug delivery systems.

Following the pioneering research activity of the Founders (Carlo Callerio and Dirce Babudieri) on the microbiology aspects of lysozyme began in 1966, this peptide has become ever more important for the studies carried out by the researchers of Callerio Foundation Onlus, having demonstrated a strong protection on the diabetic nephropaty.

In parallel, Callerio Foundation Onlus has also become an international reference institution for the studies of metal-based drugs, having maintained the role of Coordinator of european working groups in this field continuatively since 1996.


Laboratory for Innovative Antimetastasis Drugs

Within the Callerio Foundation, LINFA is a worldwide reference point for researchers who investigate anti-metastatic ruthenium-based drugs and their pharmacological properties.

LINFA has the main task of promoting the research on pharmacological treatment of solid tumor metastases based on ruthenium complexes, and originates from the experience cumulated by researching the properties of a new drug within this family.


Callerio Foundation

Biological Research Institutes


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This group was created to promote interaction between members of the COST Action CM1105, specially young members.


The core-facility Microsphere originates from the studies on the fish vaccination of fish-breeding factories.
Those studies prompted Callerio Foundation researchers to undertake studies and to get expertieses on how to protect active principles to be administered orally and to give systemic pharmacological actions.
Microsphere is now a well organized facility equipped to prepare oral delivery sistems based on natural sugars useful for the incapsulation of active principles of different origin.